A Real Application Of Forecasting Order Input With Deep Learning

This interactive chart is an example of the in-depth analytical hybrid of statistical and deep learning applied to order input forecasts for a dealer network. It displays three order input projections for each dealer in our client's distribution network. Select a dealer from the dropdown box to observe each dealers projections in both statistical and neural network ai.

Interactive Chart Of Order Input By Network Equipment Dealers

Brightfield Analytics

Business Forecasting Using Deep Learning AI

Brightfield distinguishes itself with four special characteristics.

Business experience is combined with data science.

Understanding business models before applying deep learning analytics.

Open source analytical programs for low cost initial investment.

Engaging your staff in the analytical development and training.

Our prime directive is to understand your business. Our preliminary reviews are about assessing our ability to grasp your business and provide effective bespoke results.

Our Recommended Process

We begin with a short interview to discuss your business and our abilities. We both can decide if there is promise from this interview.

We prototype a brief proof of concept using the methods applied in this web presentation. We suggest that the prototype be installed on a secure computer at your location.

The early prototype is exanded to a production application working with your staff. The intent is to install a working system that can be understood, tested and proofed by your staff. We do this development collaboratively.

A full production system implemented in powerful processors enabled with a graphical user interface for your use is the final step. We recommend this processing application be on your site for security but we can implement off-site hosting.