Dennis Graham

I am the founder of Brightfield Analytics. I have invested over 35 years in business startups, acquisitions, divestitures and early stage company development. That work required many business plans, budgets, valuations, cash flows, debt sources and equity placements. The problem that was always the most difficult to solve was the business forecast. A few years ago, I began studying machine learning and deep learning to solve this recurring problem. Eventually, I began applying neural network solutions to the problem a year ago and found that most of the intractable problems in business forecasting could be better resolved using a comprehensive analytical process relying on neural network solutions. I invite you to contact us so that we may share out results in greater detail with you.

Dr. Benzi Kluger

Professor Of Neurology

University Of Colorado

Anshutz Medical Center

I worked with Denny over the past year on a novel application of machine learning to understand whether changes in brain activity, as measured by magnetoencephalography (MEG) a form of functional brain imaging, could be used as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson's disease and related disorders. Denny brought incredible energy and expertise to this issue, tested multiple methods of machine learning, and worked closely with me and other members of my research team to ensure that we had a suitable result. We are now working on wrapping up several papers for publication and planning to submit new grants based on this work. I look forward to continue working with Denny and would highly recommend him to others looking to incorporate machine learning into their research.

Joe Bruketta


Chief Evangelist

Business Development

Denny has a deep understanding of business and business-practices which make him unique among data scientists. He drives at getting to the core question that needs to be answered and then, using the rigor of applied mathematics, develops or modifies algorithms that yield results.

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