Features By Partner

This table enables viewing the feature importances for each dealer. Each dealer has subtle differences that provide inference regarding the individual partner motivation. Interpreting each dealer individually leads to focus on resources allocated and sales emphasis by dealer.

Dealer Feature Table

This data table displays the features, their rank and their weight in projecting the order input for each dealer in the client's distribution channel. By selecting a dealer the important features determining their success or failure are listed.

This chart is interactive. Select a dealer to observe its unique feature importances and scroll vertically to observe all importances for the selected dealer.

The Information In This Table Is Extensive

There is a different feature importance profile for each dealer. Clustering these responses according to type of classifications, e.g., market, activity, would yield yet another set of categories. Such an analysis is more than will be attempted in this example, but it is reasonable to suggest that the dealers fall into identifiable groups. The following sample dealer interpretations identify two possible groups: the distributor and the customer relationship manager.

Sample Partner Interpretations

Some sample interpretations of the feature rankings may improve effectiveness in using this table.

Partner 1

Partner 1 is more customer-centric than the aggregate dealer experience although strong demand in terms of prices is still the most important feature to this Partner. Expertise, support, team capability and customer referrals are near the top of the list indicating this partner engages in consultative selling. Product recognition and product competitiveness are customer centric also in that the customer is not 'sold' the product but rather is 'served' the product with support and expertise. For Partner 1 the "Margin" feature is only ranked 8th among features important to it. This partner is cleary dedicated to the long sales relationship with its customers..

Partner 62

This partner is highly dependent on the market conditions represented by the "Demand" and "Price" indices. The client's delivery response is the most important attribute to Partner 62. High rates of new customer registrations also rank among the top ten most important features to Partner 62. The balance of the features important to this partner concern "Ease Of Use" and the client's ability to engineer and support the product. This partner functions more like a distributor than a dealer. Partner 62 is a prospecting dealer who relies on the clients support team to service. Analyzing how much this partner costs to service vs profit contribution would be the next course of action the client should undertake with regards to Partner 62.

Further Analysis

Two further analytical steps on this data normally reveal additional actionable results. First, separating the forecasted high and low performers into dealer groups can reveal common motivators that can be enhanced to improve high performance or remedy low performance by the dealers. Second, clustering on the top ten features for each dealer can reveal common groups such as the two example interpretations of relationship managers .vs. distributors.

Client Challenge Met Here

The feature importance analysis by dealer is instrumental in this client's allocation of the right resources and a better focus on the sales narrative and customer presentation. Each dealer reflects the values of their customers just as each dealer has a specific customer target. This satsfies this client's challenge of identifying its primary dealer profiles.

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