Free Proof Of Concept

Brightfield Analytics will provide a free proof of concept to qualified potential clients. We will work with you to define the content of the proof that satisfies you. The proof is limited to the next quarter results so that confirmation is easily obtained.

The Data And The Model

The data needs to be made available to us in an easily imported format. The business model will be your current model. We ask that it be explained to us so that the analytical work does not function counter to your model.

Examples Of Previous POC's

Statistical Time Series

Brightfield provided a client a statistical time series analysis based on monthly order input for 200 dealers. We additionally provided a feature importance analysis on the dealer population based on satisfaction scores that we corrected for sparse data. The results were displayed in interactive plots using open source visualization.

Deep Learning Prediction

A client provided us a sample of 200 customers with 48 individual features that had been measured over 16 quarters. Brightfield provided a next quarter forecast using statistical time series and deep learning forecasts displayed using open source visualization programs.

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